Monday, March 7, 2011

On The Table

wow- it has been a week+ sorry- lots of long days and busy evenings. One of my New Year goals was 3 posts a week.

We've lived in our house for close to a year and done all the major-must-be-fixed-ASAP projects.  Now we are (slowly) starting to furnish, organize and decorator.  I'm attempting to go a room at a time.  I don't know if this is how you are supposed do it, but for my sanity (aka stress level), John's patience, health of the bank account, that is how we are starting.  (How do you do it?)  So get ready for lots of "what do you think?" posts.

While we are technically working on the den right now (more to come), I have a few side projects I'm working on.  One baby project is the kitchen nook- thanks for all your opinions on the dresser, I'm just waiting for the hardware to come in...then I'll do the revel. 

My other side project is our "entry-way".  We don't really have an entry way, you just walk into the living room.  But the lack of organization has been making me crazy. After finally getting ride of an old love-seat we have space for a console table. 

At first I was thinking a white table would be nice contrast against the walls (MS Driftwood Gray) but for the life of me I can't find a true (not cream, or antique) white console table.  My next thought was glass , so it would take up less visual space.  But then I found a dark wood piece in a style I really like (yes, I thought of painting it but Someone-else doesn't like that idea).  Now I'm stuck!!!!  Please give me your thoughts!

Messy Current room on a rainy day:
As you can see we already have some dark items in the room (chair, mirror, coffee table, blinds) and whites accents too (lampshade, trim, mantel, curtains, kindof the couch), and I thought another white (or glass) piece would help with the brightness effect.  

The Dark Horse:

The Glass House:

Mendocino Console Table- walmart (who knew?)

Metal Sofa Table-overstock

My current thought is that the new coffee table (our current one is a woven bench that a dog snacked one- great for storage but less and less attractive, and not a true coffee table) could be the opposite, or even white, finish than the console table.  
**It would be great if the coffee table/bench fit under the console table so we wouldn't lose the blanket storage. 

What's your vote?  


Anonymous said...

I have really been enjoying the look of glass coffee and console tables. Honestly I like all three of your choices. Maybe you should get a glass coffee table and a different style console table. I love how glass bounces the light around the room. Here is the glass coffee table I have been wanting (from Walmart of all places!) Actually it is in the same "family" as the console you picked out! And it's under $100!

What color is this room painted? It's hard to tell in the pics.

Amigh said...

I would agree with Lauren; a glass coffee table would make a HUGE difference in opening up your living room space. You would get light reflected from the windows, and, you could "see through" the coffee table to the fireplace. You could even do two end tables like these side-by-side to create a coffee table.

I also think I am partial to the dark wood console table. Have you thought about black? The wall where you're putting the console table is directly across from the fireplace and your big black mantel mirror; a dark console table might offer a nice balance.

Or, you might try something completely different . . .

Of course, whatever you do will look fabulous, just like your other choices!

Emily said...

I have that overstock console table and I love it! They also make a coffee table version, and so that's an option for your coffee table if you want the dark wood console - though I wouldn't buy them both. Good luck!

CT mom said...

I like the idea of the glass coffee table to visually open and expand your space.I would even do the console for the same reason but at least a glass coffee table. The dark trim on each brings in the chair and blinds coloring but not too much. Negative of the dark wood - it will show the dust more easily.

Elf said...

I was thinking the glass might show finger prints more, but your dog wouldn't chew on it or scratch it :) We have lots of nice scratches ON TOP of our dark wood console table :) So I like the glass ones for those reasons and to make the room look bigger. But we do use the drawers on our console table a lot. So you'd miss those with the glass. I guess you could do baskets.

The last glass one is probably more useful b/c the second shelf is closer up plus you can still put baskets on the floor under it. With the middle one, you could only put stuff under it, there's no "middle" shelf. Plus if it's budding up against a wall, I like the straighter legs. If it's free standing behind the couch, then I like the curved legs.

Just some thoughts :) I like my dark wood coffee table, but if I ever got a new one, I'd probably try a glass one to make the room look bigger :)

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I like #3. But I think you can really get away with any of them. I don't think it will be too dark in the room.

Your room shape reminds me of Joi at Nuestra Vida Dulce. Have we ever seen your living room before? It seems new to me?

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Hey - PS. I think that a console table is the best way to bring in glass and now go insane from cleaning it. My mom had these gorgeous coffee tables and end tables but the cleaning drove her mad. I don't think you'd have that as much with a console table. It wouldn't necessarily be holding drinks and such.

Kristen @ Miss Prissy Paige said...

I love option #1. For me, the clean lines and dark wood do it for me. I love dark wood. And I agree with Kim - the glass might drive you batty to keep clean. Either way all are great options.