Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Have you ever had a Camp Pie?  Have you ever even heard of a Camp Pie?   Until a few weeks ago, we hadn't either.  Then we went to our very DIY-savvy friends' house.  That afternoon they had built a lovely firepit.  Our friend is from upstate NY where, apparently, camp pies are traditional.

sorry- photo was with my iphone and there is no "after"...wait till later in the fall season, I have a feeling there will be more camp pies in our future 

What is a camp pie?  Well according to, it is an Australian word "tinned meat".  Clearly we were not enjoying tinned meat.  A camp pie is 2 pieces of bread with a filling- they can be sweet or savory.  On this particular night we enjoyed pizza camp pies (shredded motz and pizza sauce) and apple camp pie (canned apple pie filling).   

They were tasty and I already have ideas for different combos: Nutella with...well anything, using croissant dough, using cinnamon bread, etc.

Want to make your own Camp Pie???  This site is dictated to Camp Pies.

What camp fire food do you like?  Really, I want to friend is planning a camp fire dessert party.


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This is so cool! i've never heard of camp pies, but now I'm totally wanting to try!

Anonymous said...

I love camp and I love pie, so I think I'll have to try a camp pie! cindy

Shannon said...

Ok Leigh, I'm kinda wondering why you aren't coming to our blog meetup next month...and bringing camp pie supplies. We've got a campfire planned that won't be complete now that I've seen these. I've never even heard of these things but I'd like to get to know them. I love things bundled inside dough of any form!

Anonymous said...


Amigh said...

When I was a Girl Scout, we used to make camp pies using Italian bread covered with condensed milk and coconut.

Okay, I know it sounds gross, but those things were soooo good! there was a name for them, but I don't remember it . . .