Thursday, September 15, 2011

Freezer Food Review

Last week I shared a list of foods I made and froze in preparation for the school year.  I said after we had each dish, I'd try to give a little review to help anyone else out there. Last week we had the Pesto Chicken Stuff Manicotti. 


Before being baked- still frozen 

After baking 
They were tasty but next time we'd make a few changes:

-the recipe said to bake for 30 min, since we didn't thaw it first I thought they might take a bit longer...but we should have done 20 min (although we have a convention oven which cooks a bit faster)

-they weren't very filling...maybe more chicken next time?

-they were cheesy but could use a bit more flavor, maybe mix in more pesto

-definitely need to be baked with a sauce, next time I'll top with pesto

- they need more cheese on top

-would also be really tasty with goat cheese

What have you been cooking?


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What have I been cooking? Ha! :)

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