Friday, October 14, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

One of the big challenges of our house was dealing with the "kitchen nook".  That is the space which use to hold part of the original kitchen and then at some point housed a washer/dryer.  Last spring I Leigh-bellished dresser for the spot.

Above it we hung two Ikea picture ledge shelves.

Great, except due they are shallow and have a little lip.  That means nothing thicker than the tall frames can fit on the shelves.

So then we got two wider/thicker shelves.  Well, they stuck out too far..they were much deeper. The bottom shelf was switch backed to the original style.  However, the top was left as the deeper one.  

Of course, we can't agree on which set up to go with.  What do you think?  Please share your opinion. I need this nook to be "done"...are so many other to deal with. 


Jordan said...

What about the wide one on the bottom and skinny on top? Or does that make it too hard to put anything on the dresser? I think the skinny ones look the best, but I totally understand the more usefulness of the the thick ones. So in the end, I'm no help on the decision...

Leigh @ Kesler Expressler said...

I think the skinny ones look the best but only because they are holding the leaning frames at a consistant angle.

I think the wider ones would work (and you could do some more layering than it appears you can on the skinny ones) if you switched to table-top style frames that have the back support - that way you aren't trying to set them jusssst so that they don't fall over.

Or if you have a Dremel tool, could you carve out a trench to hold the frames so they angle consistently? I hope this makes a shred of sense.

CT mom said...

There are advantages to both but which ever you pick yu should be consistent and both shelves should be the same. I think the difference will be when you get some color and texture in the nook.

Lauren said...

I vote for the IKEA ones because all your great artwork isn't as cramped. We have one of those in our basement and they definitely can't hold huge frames but I like your set up!