Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome Fall

The fall wreath is only part of our fall doorstep.  It barely seemed to stop raining in September, hence the wet, overcast photos. 

 I've never seen two-toned mums, I had to get the purple and yellow ones! I'm hoping they'll be hardy enough to come back next fall. 

I've never planted ornamental kale but these green and purple ones seem fun.

We loved these little (non-eatable) peppers.  They were used in the awesome Bellagio conservatory display from our frist wedding anniversary trip.  And they can come inside once the cool weather hits. So fun! 

Do you have any favorite fall flowers?


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I love your mums! I'm just a mum fanatic. I keep forgetting to drive by our old house and snap a photo, but the mums are awesome and out of control there. They are the white/yellow like yours. Only, for mine, they come in white/yellow and as they die, they turn purple on the edges.

Great job wit hthe porch. It's so welcoming and homey!

Anonymous said...

Looks great Leigh! I have a hard time forking over money for perrenials. I would rather wait for the ones that come back year after year {annuals?} I always mix up the names...

Sohira said...

Can you eat the ornamental kale?! Lol...I love love love the decor :)