Sunday, November 20, 2011

Start Of The Season

This is it!  The start of "the most wonderful time of year"!  I love it!

For me, it starts on Thanksgiving morning.  I have a tradition I love- I settle myself in front of the Macy's Parade and enjoy some goodies while writing Christmas cards.

I love Christmas cards.  I love everything about them- selecting them, writing them and receiving them.  I spend a lot of time each fall picking the design and photos.  I prefer to get a design from an etsy seller and then print them.

This year I used Natalie from Nattysuedesigns.  She has tons- pages upon pages- of designs!  I tend to like cards that a bit quirky with a modern design using fun wording and colors.  I also try to stay away from a motif that screams "Christmas" (for all our friends who don't celebrated).  She had many that fit my requirements, I had a hard time picking one.  Also Natalie was fast, friendly and so patient with my "tweaks" and requests for resizes.  If you are still card shopping check her out!

This year, for the first time, I'm doing postcards.  It is a bit more "green"- both economically and environmentally.  They should arrive today. I hope they turned out well.

Without further ado ....
Our 2011 Christmas Card

If you are expecting one in real life and don't want to ruin the surprise- stop reading now!

Happy Holiday Season! 

*this post was not sponsored in anyway.


elf said...

Super cute always :)

Leigh @ Kesler Expressler said...

Love the card -- Super cute!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Loving the bright colors and the photos! I also love the idea of a postcard.

Shannon said...

Those are def cute. I'm a big fan of fun fonts, so I'm probably gonna choose something similar. I'll get mine through shutterfly since they like to hand those puppies out for free like candy.

Hmm, are postcard stamps cheaper? Because it's getting to be a bit ridiculous to send mail these days.

btw, I just saw your updated profile pic and it's gorg!

Anonymous said...

Love the cards this year!