Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

            I like you, I voted for you and I was excited to take part in your historic inauguration day.  I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to make our way downtown.  For weeks the local media has been forecasting a giant clusterf**k of people and transportation issues.  But I boarded the metro at 9:15 and was in McPherson square by 10:20; while we had to stand shoulder to shoulder in the car it was no worse than after a Nationals game.  To enter the parade area there was no line and security was a breeze (save the nasty cop who patted me down, but you can’t be blamed for that).  We found a decent spot,  on Pennsylvania and 14th in the third row back from the barricades,  pretty quickly. And there we stood for the next 5 hours without a bathroom break or compliant.  Yes, it was very crowded, so much so that I could not lift my hands above my head to fix my hat or take a single step to the left or right; but you would be proud, people were friendly, kind and courteous.  Sure it was cold, but I’m a New England girl, I dressed in layers.  Besides with that many people squashed together, there was enough heat.  And while I wished they had provided Jumbotrons on the parade route, I was pleased that least there was an audio broadcast of the ceremony.  Overall, I was happy and excited. 

            Now, if you knew me personally you’d be quite impressed with the above description. I cannot think of another time in my life when I have stood in one place for 5 hours without complaining.  I am not known for my patience, in fact I have a reputation of being very impatient.  I get restless on a 3 hour plane ride and annoyed when waiting 20 minutes to ride a log flume.  I do not like sitting, or in this case standing, and doing nothing.  I get bored easily, and am very vocal when bored or impatient.  However, yesterday I waited for you.  But you were late- very late!  I understand tardiness (especially in light of the medical emergencies I found out about later), punctuality is not one of my strengthens either.  Yet, I try very hard to communicate with people when I’m running late. I inform them of the reason for my delay and expected time of arrival.  I was sorely disappointed that you did not give us the same consideration.  Many people, including lots of children, who had been standing in the cold for hours waiting for a glimpse for you, gave up and left when you were over an hour late.  I felt really bad for the children who were so tired and cold yet were so eager to see you.

            I stood strong though.  So, I hope you’ll understand my anger with you about your decision to remain in the car.  I know you got out and walked a few times.  In my opinion you should have walked the whole route,  it is only 1.5 miles.  And security was very tight; three snipers on every rooftop, police or military personal every foot, not to mention the 9 huge SUV’s surrounding your car, and that is just the security I saw.   I know someone on your campaign staff must have mentioned first impressions to you, how important they are and how you only have once chance to make a good one.   Well, the first presidential impression you left with me was one of  rudeness, inconsideration and elitism.  

            While I was disappointed I didn’t get to see you stroll by, I am still glad I made the effort to participate in this special day.  Seeing your smiling face and waving hand behind 5 inches of glass as your limo passed by is still more than most people will ever experience.  It was a memorable event. 

            Now, please go repeal “No Child Left  Behind” so that I can forgive you and we can move on from this disappointing episode quickly.




PS- We made it home without trouble too.  We even got seats on the metro.  

***if you look quickly and closely, you can see him behind the heavly tinted window. 


Emily said...

I'm jealous, what an amazing event to attend. I normally would breakout in hives at the thought of the crowds and standing around, but it sound like I would have been just fine!

And I was laughing at your comment about Chester's "allowance" - we call it Casco's "walking around money" and remind him every time he needs food of his budget. Lol, ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

this is very true... only been early at her birth, however, i am proud and jealous of you. he did make some very poor bulls**t choice to stay in the car just bc hes wife didnt know how to dress (HELLO youre from Chitown you know what cold is) but good just to you 2 for waiting thru the tardiness and just looking at a limo