Sunday, August 30, 2009

So Long Summer

Well, summer is officially over. But luckily, I have it all documented in my free Shutterfly Photo Book. Take a look!

In the past week there have been three big signals that the season is changing.

First,I went back to work. I know I’m very lucky to have 2 months off in the summer (although I, like most decent teachers, take part in professional development over the summer- without compensation of course), but the transition back is always rough. Not only is there a great deal of stress and long hours (12 hr+ four days this week), but I have to see this each morning as a I pull out of the driveway.

Secondly, we have enjoyed great fall weather this week. It has been in the 70’s-80’s all week and 60’s at night. I love having the AC off, and being able to hear the crickets at night.

Lastly, we celebrated Buffett Day over the weekend. As always, it was a fun day- how could it not be?! Even my mom flew 500 miles to join the party (oh and work in my classroom). And a good party it was!

The first day with kids is tomorrow- holding my breath and crossing my fingers.


Kelly said...

Good luck tomorrow! I was at work for a total of 12 hours today...Back to school night.

Toby's is a fun place to go, I've been a few times. Not sure what's playing there, but let me know if you end up going!!

Kelly said...

How is your class so far??