Sunday, June 6, 2010

Check Off

In typical Leigh fashion, I'm a bit late in reviewing my May To-Do List.  Better late than never, right?

Must Dos:
-complete and turn in professional development plan   DONE!  Big relief to be done. 
-order new Reefs    see my write up here!
-find dress for wedding (shoes, jewelry, undergarments?)  Pictures to come
-weed, trim, plant (pots, window boxes) the front yard   See the before and afters!
-repeat for the back- plant veggies/herbs - didn't happen, the frequent rain was a problem 
-buy tickets to Chicago for my sister's grad school graduation  we leave this week!
-survive administering state standardized testing  (without strangling my administrator)   Just barely, but I kept my cool
-finish a super cool project for Cindy  DONE!  technicality it was completed in June- get over it, am I.  huge, huge relief that it turned out well, she was pleased. Photos soon. 
-get hair cut/highlighted   DONE! Not sure it is exactly what I wanted, it looked good when she did it but now.....
-schedule pool opening  again technicality this was a June event, but I'm so happy to have the ball rolling
-have fun at the wedding- don't forget family "heirloom" candle snuffer to pass down (& special surprise)!
Photos  soon!

Like Tos:
-finish a project for Chester
-organize shed
-lawn furniture
-paint trim/doors 
-blog 3 times a week-I did well for a week...
-organize my 4,824 saved bookmarked sites 
-sell things on Craigslist 
-help new friends paint their new condo (yes, that is you Brynn) 
-read a book I read two! (a 6 hour flight delay will help with that)  "Are you there vodka? It's me Chelsea" & a chick lit 

Whoa! This was a great exercise, I feel like a got a lot done!  Maybe I'll have one up for June soon. 


Emily said...

You did a fantastic job! What's the pool opening? Do you guys have a backyard pool? If so, Casco just decided we're moving so he and Chester can swim together all summer.

Anonymous said...

My list for June is this:

* Survive the chaos and mayhem until June 24th!!!

Jordan said...

good job! Maybe I should start making lists... this months would be 'do awesome at an interview, defend my thesis with flying colors, and pack pack pack!'

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

You should feel productive - it looks like a great month!

Elf said...

I'm a fan of the blog 3x a week to-do :) I think you need to move that one to the top!