Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back to Reality

Well after a week and half off, I'm back at work today. boo. As much as I like my kiddos, I'd rather be home crafting.  The transition is always hard.

But lucky for you (and me), I have a full week of Christmas related posts saved up. Between the busyness of the season and my tech issues, I'm showing up incredibly late to Kim's DIY Party.  Sorry Kim!

Dare to DIY Blog Party

First up, DIY gifts- I have two gifts to share with you.  I'm spreading the love over two days.  Now, I know most people have finished delivering their holiday gifts, but this one is perfect to save for teacher appreciation day or even Valentines' Day.

I got the idea from The Idea Room, and I have to say it was one of the easiest gifts to create- ever!

Personalized bottels of hand sanitize.  Isn't that a perfect (and cheap) gift for teachers, nurses, doctors, etc.? 

The worst (hardest and most time consuming) part peeling off the labels.  I used my fingernail pull off as much as possible, then rubbing alcohol to get rid of the glue.  The monograms were simply google images          ( "_ letter monogram").  For the few letters I didn't find images I liked, I printed the letter in a pretty font then glued it in a nice monogram frame. The images were copied on clear overhead transparencies.  I cut it with a wide boarder, then rolled it up and slid it in the top.  The pump stick was used to position the monogram.  

I attached a little note for presentation.  
The little "Leigh-bellished" gifts were a big hit.  

Did you get or give any personalized gifts this year?


Jordan said...

Cute idea! I don't like using hand sanitizer, but I do love personalized gifts :)

christi said...

Very cute idea!! I agree, though, I'd much rather be home crafting/cooking/homemaking than working. Sigh!!!

Kelly said...

OOOOHH! I like that! Perfect for all of my teammates!

Anonymous said...

So cute! ck

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

How cute is this????? I love them! And, I could totally use them myself. My boss told me today that she threw away the paperwhites that I forced for all my coworkers. So maybe I should go with something more practical next year?

Lauren said...

Love that!!!