Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I know many people (most even maybe?) have packed Christmas away.  Well, as I mentioned earlier this week we are a bit behind.  We put up our decor a few weeks after everyone else, and it won't be removed until this weekend.
Dare to DIY Blog Party

Again, I'm arriving to Kim's party late but I know Kim loves Christmas here we go.
Last year I made an ornament wreath (along with the whole blog world).
This year I dropped it three times in the process of hanging it.  It didn't get hung.  So sad.

I did make a new wreath for our front door.  But I'm not sure I love it.  It just looks funny to me, mostly the ribbon.  I can't get it to look right, or stay in place every time we walk in and out it gets brushed, that makes it fly off the wreath.  I don't know. Thoughts?
The wreath itself was only $5 at Walmart.  Our neighborhood is big on the classy outdoor decor, so I got two smaller ones ($2 each) to make smaller replicas for our double set of large front windows.  But I ran out of year. 

Since the new house is still rather unfurnished and unsettled, I didn't add much new to our collection.  I'll fill it out more next year when I have a better idea of what I'm working with.  There were two new, simple, decorations.

1. A kissing ball.  It was plain greenery, so I added two different color and sized red "berries". It hangs between our living room and dining room.

2. These dining room curtain garland & ornaments were inspired by Ikea.  In fact the oversized ornaments are from Ikea.  The garlands were 2 bucks each at Wally World. 
A few more items were updated. 

~ I also "Leighbellished" our mantel garland. Years ago, I wrapped a non-lit garland in a gold starred garland my mom gifted me from C&B.  This year I combined the "starry" garland and another cheap garland, a lit one, each doubled over. Then I tucked in more of the red "berries". I was glad I used shades of reds and a variety of sizes. 

~ Remember the glass pedestal containers I made in the fall?  For Christmas I stuck some left over glittery pieces from DIY ornaments a few years ago. They hung out on the kitchen table. 

~ We also set up a second tree.  This was the tree my dad gave me for my first college apartment.  We placed it in the (currently) empty kitchen nook.  It is home to our travel ornaments.  We pick up an ornament on each trip we take.  
Looks like we need to do some more traveling! 

And some old favorites:

Glitter trees as centerpieces

Backdoor wreath

And finally a Christmasy living room.  


CT mom said...

Very Christmasy, Leigh! For your front door wreath I would say that once you get it where you want put tiny spots of hot glue in a few places but tucked in spots where you can cut them out without making big holes in case you want to change it up someday.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I like your wreath. And, how sad about your ornament wreath. I bought plastic ornaments for that very reason. =)

Love your mantle. It looks so pretty. Love the big mirror.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! Happy belated New Year!