Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Laptop Case

Right before Christmas I briefly mentioned my computer died.  It won't even turn on.  I'm still upset, frustrated and unhappy about the all the documents, photos and links I lost (my external backup hard drive also crashed  few months back).  The years of tech troubles prompted the purchase of my new MacBook.  So far I like, although it is an adjustment and I'm still learning the short-cuts.

I decided my new computer deserved a pretty new case...it was an excuse to play with my new sewing machine

And experiment with the decorative stich feature.  

I lined the pouch with a soft fleece, hopefully it will help keep my new baby safe. I included a pocket to stash all it's important paper (less chance I'll misplace them...maybe).

I wanted the case to bright and colorful so that it is easy to spot.  There is another, double, pocket on the outside to keep the cords, charger and external harddrive close at hand.  And the yo-yo flower just makes everything more pretty and fun.  Right?

Where does your computer live?


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Yay! It looks so good. I love the flower on the front, too. I want to make a flower. Is it a yo-yo?

Jordan said...

Very impressive! Enjoy your new mac