Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Outing

This is the last Christmas traditions post and the last Christmas post for the season!

DC can be a fun little city, and at Christmastime it has many seasonal activities to offer.  In fact there are more options than I can fit in one month.  We limit our selections to things we've "always" wanted to do or really enjoy.

Last year we visited the Christmas Capital tree.  I like it better than the White House one.

And we got tickets for the Washington Ballet Nutcracker.  They set the story in historic DC with George Washington as star.  But then it snowed and the southerners couldn't deal....don't get me started on that story- it stills gets me MAD. 

deep breaths......

This year we enjoyed brunch and seasonal decor at Union Station.  
For some reason they had a Swedish theme this year 

And a very odd and mismatched mountain village train set 

From there we went to the US Botanic Garden.  The garden is directly in front the Capital, there is no admission fee, and has its own parking lot (a rarity here).  Yet it is one of DC's hidden gems.  We had never been, but they do a great seasonal display.  Of course there is a tree, the biggest poinsettias I've ever seen and they recreate the DC memorials using all natural items.   Lincoln's head was an acorn!   And the soon as you walk in it seems terrific! 

We only ran into one problem, 20 minutes into our visit we were evacuated. We have no clue why- there was no rush, smoke, health emergency,etc.  Our best guess is that a "suspicious package was left unattended".  Clearly, we missed seeing a lot of the sights.    

Where do you go to see the Christmas sights?


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I love that last picture of the two of you. And, I'm wishing I would have made it to the Botanic Garden. Looks awesome.

Kelly said...

I have never heard about the botanical garden...interesting.