Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wash Up

Last week I hinted at some projects we had going photo was our bathroom vanity, sink and mirror in the basement (rather than the bathroom).

This is our hall/guest bathroom.  At some point we were planning on updating the set, but there was no immediate need.  However, there was a combo sink/vanity/mirror set for $150 ($100 off) at The HD....we realized there is no time like the present. 
My bathroom isn't normally that dirty but John jumped right into the removal process.
The medicine cabinet was original to the house, while I like the history of it- it was stained, scratched and yucky.

John was so excited to get rid of the mirror, I didn't even get a before shot- just a "during".
I had nothing to do with the project.

The After:

At some point we'll change the faucet but this is a huge improvement! 

Have you changed anything around your house lately? 

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

It looks great! I really like the new vanity and the top.