Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Moss Around

I seem to have a thing for making wreath this year.  Last spring I made a hydrangea wreath using our wedding flowers. Over the winter I made a trendy yarn wreath.  

You'd think that would be enough but I wanted something different for the spring door.  Moss wreaths are really popular, but not cheap- especially when I came make my own.
                     one                                                           two                                                           three                                             four 

I like the square/rectangle ones best.  But have you ever seen a square or rectangle foam wreath form?  I don't know because I never looked for one before....but after 3 stores I gave up. I just bought a solid foam rectangle.

I only needed to buy a few project supplies. The moss is from jo-fabs.

I drew the cut lines right on the plastic packaging, thinking it would be a smoother writing surface.  And if I messed up it would be less of a hassel.

Using an exacto knife I cut my wreath.  I wasn't hard to do, but was more challenging and time consuming than I predict (the story of most of my crafts).

Oh, and it was messy.

I wrapped and cut the moss.  It was pretty simple, but messy, which this time I predicted so I used an old box to help with clean-up.  The moss was attached with the glue gun, carefully as the moss is not very thick and easily burned my skin. 

 Finally product.  I realized how easily the moss shed, so I spent 10 minutes knocking the wreath with my hand and on the table.  A bunch of moss came off.

However after close to 2 months hanging on the door, the shedding (just from daily use) hasn't stopped.  And the wreath is starting to look a bit bald in spots- look at the bottom right corner and bottom sides. I think painting the foam before attaching the moss might have helped with this issue.

Have you ever used moss in your decor?
What is hanging on your door?

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