Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Open Letter to Idiots

Dear Town and School System For Whom I Work,
     I like snow.  It is pretty and fun, yes at times it can cause a few issues but overall snow is a nice gift from Mother Nature.   In the past I have been unfair to you. I have judged you and had contempt for you due to your response to snow.  That wasn't kind of me, you can't be blamed for your lack of experience (or so I'm told).  But I can judge you for your lack of common sense.  Either way I thought you would have learned a thing or two from last year's Snowocalypse i.e. I now have a free pass for all the judging and contemn I want.  (Remember we got a lot of snow, then a week later we got a lot more?!)

    If it has been sleeting from 4 am to 7 am, heavily enough to wake me up, and yet you insist I come to school on time.....I expect you to have enough common sense to clean to parking lot, side walk and front steps. If I'm doing my job you should be doing yours. I'm a dedicated teacher, I will be there but I don't love my kids enough to break a bone for them.

If you know it is going to snow on top of the ice- and you've known for several days, and today you were informed around what time it would start......common sense should tell you to salt the roads.  Having snow plows out in a proactive, rather than reactive, response would earn you bouns points.

When there is bad weather of any kind common sense tells me my commute will be extended.  However, when my 20-30 minute trip turns into 2 hours and 20 minutes due to your lack of management common sense....I will be extremely annoyed.

And finally a word to those I sat next to for 2+ hours on the road, if you do not have experience driving in snow...... DON'T!  If you really have to go to the grocery store because you can't live without bread, eggs or milk (because you just love french toast) for 12 hours- a few tips:

1.  think about your food purchasing patterns
2. going slow is good, stopping in the middle of the road is not- keep moving!
3. do not stop on any part of hill
4. if you don't have an suv/4-wheel drive, skip the trip and ask your neighbor if you can borrow a few slices
5.just because you have an suv doesn't mean you get to drive fast, on the wrong side of the road, the shoulder, sidewalk or up the median
6. if you have an suv but don't know how to drive in snow-a main road when the snow is falling at the rate of an inch per hour- it's not the time to learn (I'm talking to you girl in a jeep with Texas plates pushing her car up and down the hill) not get out of your car and walk around not attempt to do a U-turn, cross traffic or pull out in front of someone  
9. pick a lane and stay there!
10. don't be a jackass

I expect you'll learn from this experience (after all as a teacher I recognize the benefits for re-teaching), and change your behavior.

I'm off to play with my snow-puppy, sit by the fire and enjoy the snow.

Thank You,
Me - a snow-enjoying, New England Breed Girl

Our neighborhood early on the in the storm 

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Kelly said...

My county opened on time too! I had E take me. If it wasn't a professional development day and we had kids, I'm pretty sure I would have been at home in my pjs. We opened at 9:30 and left at 12. A waste of time!